Guest Services

Faith Cross

Guest Services is responsible for creating the warm, friendly atmosphere for which Faith Church is known. We are the initial points of contact to those that drive onto our campus and walk through our doors – and we strive to treat everyone as an honored guest. We are quick to offer a smile, answer questions, and extend a helping hand wherever needed. We work behind the scenes before, during, and after worship and other events and activities to establish an environment in which everyone feels welcome.

New people are often intimidated by encountering so many unfamiliar faces. Our goal is to put people at ease, initiate new friendships and help everyone feel comfortable at Faith Church.

If you are looking for a way to engage in meaningful ministry at Faith Church, consider joining one of our six Guest Services teams. Getting involved in Guest Services is a great conduit into rewarding service alongside lots of fun, genuine, Christ followers. If interested, please contact Jennifer Rader.