August 24, 2017: Generosity is contagious

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Rodney Whitfield

One of the most famous of stories from the Bible is that of King David in I Chronicles 29. He shares with all who had gathered what he was giving to help build the temple (v. 1-5). Then he asked who else would join him? Read for yourself to see how his generosity was contagious in verses 6-9.

I see this almost weekly. Even as the economic outlook for much of our area and country looks great, we encounter people every week who are out of work or find themselves falling between the cracks in our system. This week, a young family with 3 children still waiting on their food stamp assistance came into Faith looking for help.

What they needed was food to make it to the end of the month. One person on the staff shared with the rest of us what the need was and – boom – people texted back almost immediately with what they would bring to help. The next day the island in the kitchen at Faith was full of bags of groceries ready for this family.

There are numerous ways to be generous.

  • Generously giving your time matters.

    • If you give your time to children during the discipleship hour and during Faith C.R.E.W., or to our student ministry on Sunday or Wednesday nights — it makes a difference. It makes a difference not only to the children and students whose lives you touch, it also inspires others to be generous with their time.

    • When you choose to spend your time to come to worship, it is a gift of your presence to God — and it is also an inspiration to others to give in kind.

  • Generously giving your financial resources through tithes and offerings is contagious.

    • In the last 6 months we have welcomed 15 new households who have stepped up and are investing in our mission ‘To make new disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world’ by giving regularly and proportionally. To those new givers — thank you for your step forward in discipleship and for being intentional in your generosity.

For all of you who are already giving, thank you! Your generosity is the foundation for all of the ministry we do here at Faith. Your example inspires others, whether they are longtime members here or recent guests. We want to continue to model generosity in all its forms for those who come and join this community of Faith in building God’s Kingdom here on Earth.

Don’t forget, we’ll continue our new sermon series on Heaven and Hell this Sunday — invite a friend, and share the gift of your presence in worship here at Faith.


Keep in mind …

  • If you missed the Town Hall Meeting held on August 13, 2017, the notes and handouts are available at the Welcome Center.
  • Mark Your Calendars: Our church’s 14th Birthday Celebration is September 10, 2017.
  • Next leadership update in the eNews on September 14, 2017.
  • The next Leadership Board Meeting is scheduled for September 17, 2017.