July 13, 2017: God in the mundane

PastorPastor's Blog

Rodney Whitfield

One of my devotionals this week centered on Jesus’ first miracle in the book of John (John 2:1-11). Do you remember it? Jesus is attending a wedding where more guests show up than the family had planned on and they ran out of wine. And Jesus’ mom steps in to ask Jesus to help the family out. He was asked to turn water into wine.

Of all the things Jesus did in his ministry – extraordinary things like raising someone from the dead, walking on water, and feeding 5,000 people with two loaves of bread and two fish – why water into wine? It is a miracle, but turning water into wine doesn’t bring anyone back to life or free social outcasts by healing a skin disease. But it does remind us that God is interested not only in life and death issues, but that Jesus was interested in the regular parts of our daily lives.

I love this quote:

A relationship with a God who was interested only in the big issues of life would be no more personal than a relationship with the 911 operator. But our infinite, almighty God chooses to relate to us on a more intimate level — not only on the mountaintops but in the dining rooms of our lives.
James N. Watkins

This connects to our current sermon series, Heroes. Being God’s heroes doesn’t have to be on the scale of feeding thousands or saving someone from a burning building. Instead, it is simply doing faithful, loving, kind acts in everyday life — that’s how God continues to save the world. I look forward to sharing another heroine of the faith with you this Sunday. This woman of faith, who had been silenced by her culture, had the courage to speak up, and it saved the lives of many.