September 7, 2017: Lessons from the Pool

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swimming pool
Many of you know my kids swim. And most of you know what a lap pool looks like: it’s long – the lanes are separated by ropes – and you share the lanes with other swimmers. When my kids first started in the ‘learn-to-swim’ group, they knew how to swim. Well … they knew how swim in a swimming pool with friends without a life jacket. But when they started swimming laps, they looked like they were swatting flies. They zigzagged into the lane ropes, they had to dodge other swimmers, they had to stop half way — but ultimately they did make it to the other end of the pool. A lot has changed over the last 3 to 4 years. As they worked at mastering their strokes, they become more coordinated (less zigzagging; more straight lines). And even though they don’t both swim competitively now, they can both glide through the water, swim all four strokes, and stay in their lanes effortlessly — no more dodging other swimmers!

Isn’t that like our discipleship journey? As new followers of Jesus, we may know how to swim — i.e. not drown. We are excited and full of energy, but we really need someone more mature in the faith to mentor and guide us. Otherwise, we might keep swerving out of bounds.

I know from personal experience, swimming straighter does not simply come with age. It comes with intentional practice. Same is true with living a spiritual life. Improvement comes with intentional, daily / weekly practice, and obedience. The better swimmers listen to their instructors and learn from that guidance, and then practice. Maturing disciples study the Bible and seek the counsel of other believers so that with practice, serving God in their daily lives becomes second nature. No matter what our experience, we might still swerve into the ropes from time to time. But by persevering and growing in faith, we will make it to the other end.

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