April 5, 2018: New Cross and New Sermon Series

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Thank you to our Youth, Praise Chorus, Band, Staff, Worship Team, and ministry teams (media, worship hosts, greeters, kitchen, welcome center, counters, readers, and set up) that made this year’s Holy Week and Easter unforgettable.

Cross unveiling 2018

If you were not able to be here on Sunday, you missed an amazing morning of worship and the unveiling of the new cross. This beautiful symbol of our faith and of Jesus’ love for us was made possible by a great group of people who worked tirelessly using their gifts and talents (numerous late nights).

Please will help me in thanking all the folks who made this dream a reality: Shelly Pinder, Pat Schaider, Matt Cairns, James Montgomery, Mike Davis, Jen Peace, Trinity Ehrhart, Joely Ehrhart, Hamilton Levine, Les Deal, and Nick Schaider.

April 2018 Sermon Series

On Easter Sunday, we also announced our new sermon series, “Is That Really in the Bible?” If you liked the Half-Truths series, I think this will be another favorite. In this series we will explore some of the most unusual and lesser-known stories in the Bible — stories that when you hear them told, will make you think… “Is that really in the bible?

Make plans right now to come, invite some friends, and join us for another great morning of worship, Holy Communion and a story about a young man whose name is Lucky, but ironically was very unlucky one night in church.


Rodney WhitfieldRodney Whitfield
Lead Pastor