January 11, 2018: What am I putting in ‘my cup’?

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Jeni Walsh shared this Facebook post this week in our staff meeting:

Isn’t this true? So a great question to ask ourselves as we start the New Year is What am I putting in ‘my cup’? What are we filling up on? Are we reading our Bible, studying the Word, praying, meditating?

We have probably all been yelled at or cursed at at some point. Perhaps you’ve been the victim of verbal vomiting from a coworker or family member. You recognize that they aren’t behaving that way because of anything you did; you know right away that the other person has some major “issues” going on. And if we’re completely honest with ourselves, we have issues, too, right?

I know there are times when I should probably put a caution sign around my neck, because if I get ‘shaken’ too much that day, what spills out is going to burn or hurt. Sometimes I say things harshly because I’m under stress or frustrated with something, and I take it out on others who aren’t even involved.

On Sunday, we’ll continue our new Sermon Series: Happy?. and look at the keys to finding happiness in 2018. This Sunday I’ll take a look at a key ingredient to finding happiness in our lives and talk about the obstacles that get in the way. Want to know what the key ingredient is? Be in worship at 10:30 a.m. this Sunday.

I look forward to seeing you in worship!

Rodney WhitfieldRodney Whitfield
Lead Pastor