June 1, 2018: Goodbyes

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It is hard to believe Sunday is the final sermon I will give as the Pastor of Faith UMC. It is hard to believe it is here. It doesn’t seem like it is possible we are already to June.

As I have been preparing for this day, and in preparations for my final sermon, I have to share something I learned. I was curious of the origins of goodbye. Where did it come from? Do you know? It goes all the way back to the 1500s. When people would get ready to depart from each other’s company they would use this phrase, “God be with ye.”

Interesting enough like many phrases / sayings that are that old, the term was later abbreviated to “God b’wi ye”. By the end of the 1600’s, the phrase was abbreviated even more and became “God b’ye.” Still later, “good” was substituted for “God” in the phrase.

Thus, when one person says ‘goodbye’ to another person, they are offering a parting prayer; May God be with you. How many people do you suppose realize that they are saying a prayer every time they say goodbye? Be honest; I didn’t know it? How about you? Isn’t that cool?

It puts a new perspective or spin on a word I don’t like to say, because it has a finality to it. I love this understanding and the redemption it brings to this very familiar word. Goodbye carries a much deeper meaning to me now.

I hope you will attend the celebration at 9:00 a.m. and stay for worship at 10:30 a.m. so that I might get to, in person, pray over you and receive your prayers.

May God be with you! Godspeed!


Rodney WhitfieldRodney Whitfield
Lead Pastor