June 28, 2018: Dreams for a future with hope

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Jenna Morrison

Hi Faith,


I feel like I’ve been waiting for this day for months—the culmination of a long waiting, a healthy (albeit difficult at times) goodbye, and a grace-filled rest. I’m ready!

I’ve been playing these tapes in my head about what our first morning together will look like: everyone is laughing, smiling, and genuinely happy to be at Faith. We sing loudly and pray fervently, and everyone thinks I’m hilarious. That would be the fulfillment of a dream, for certain.

Of course, I realize that each of us is broken in our own way. We can be laughing and smiling and also grieving and worried, anxious and uncertain. We can be genuinely happy to be in worship and also thinking about all of the other places that we could be instead.

The great news is that God lives and works in our ‘and also’ moments. It is in those moments when we feel hope and also fear that God is able to do God’s best work—offering us dreams of a future with hope.

I hope you’ll join us on Sunday for worship. We will be talking about dreams for a future with hope that God gives to Moses and also how those dreams can change our lives today. I am so excited to dream with you. Let’s get started!


Jenna Morrison
Pastor Jenna