June 7, 2018: To My New Faith Community

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Jenna Morrison and Hadley

To my new Faith Community

Months ago, on a Thursday at 12:45 in the afternoon, I got the call that my fur-child, Hadley, and I would be joining you in Corinth. I was on my way to Oklahoma for the weekend, and suddenly found myself taking the Swisher exit off I-35 and pulling into the church parking lot.

I drove around the church parking lot four or five times, dreaming and praying about what the future would hold. As we got back on the road, I found myself saying aloud: “I think that this place could be home. This feels right to me.”

Since that moment, I have been thinking about and praying for you. I have been praying for Rodney and his family, for all of the people who are part of Faith now, and for all of the things that God has in store for us together in the near and distant future. I believe that God’s dream for Faith is far larger and deeper and brighter than anything we can dream for ourselves, and I am so excited to continue your work of discovering that dream together in July!

All the best,

Jenna Morrison and HadleyJenna