Current Sermon Series – THIS IS jesUS

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Sermon series for the season of Lent

Sermon Series: THIS IS jesUSThe NBC Hit Television Show, This Is Us, has taken the country by storm. Even if you haven’t seen it, you have probably heard about it. The show follows the life of Jack Pearson, his wife Rebecca, and their kids Kevin, Kate, and adoptee Randall. Each week we learn more and about Jack Pearson and his family. Those who watch have seen how the birth of the triplets impacted Jack and Rebecca, and then how Jack’s death impacted the whole family. Every week I am moved by the big and small ways the relationships in this family shape and form them.

This Is Us – is us – you and me, our families, our neighbors, our friends. We have all had experiences in our relationships that have shaped us. Jesus is one of those relationships. So for the next six weeks we are going to read through the book of Mark and look at stories of how Jesus’ encounters with different individuals and groups changed them. And we will ask the questions “How is this story about us? How do we see ourselves in this story?”

Join us in worship starting February 18, 2018, for a new series: THIS IS jesUS