November 30, 2018: Celebrate Advent!

PastorPastor's Blog

Jenna Morrison

I love the Advent Season!

It’s here! It’s here! I love the Advent Season! There is something magical about the ways that we can choose to wait for the birth of Christ. We hang lights that shine in the darkness, act generously toward our family and friends (and hopefully strangers!) to show gratitude and love, and work to spread joy and hope everywhere! Unfortunately, if you’re like me, this time of year easily gets overtaken by consumerism, keeping up with the Joneses, and attempted perfectionism in our entertaining and planning for the holidays.

There are a few ways that I like to work to combat that temptation; maybe some of these would be beneficial to you and your family, too!

  • I love to find ways to surprise and care for a stranger. Sometimes that looks like slipping a $5 bill to the person I would usually pass by on the street, and sometimes it’s through things like this Angel Tree, hosted by McNair Elementary, to help provide Christmas cheer to the students in their school who need the most financial assistance. Feel free to sign up to help!
  • I always try to be intentional about being generous, above and beyond my norm to the church. This is a way that I can say “thank you” for all the support, love, and encouragement that I receive from my second home. This isn’t because I’m a pastor. It’s because I’m a child of God, and I’m grateful for the love and grace of Jesus Christ!
  • I find ways to celebrate! One of the best ways that we have to do that this weekend is through our Advent Celebration on Sunday evening. It’s going to be a wonderful performance and time for family celebration! I really hope you’ll join us!
  • Take time to read Scripture daily. On Sunday, we will have a reading list available for everyone to help us all be intentional about reading and studying. The daily reading is short, but the spiritual implications can be huge! This helps me stay grounded in Christ during this season, and helps me remember why it all happens in the first place!

I am so grateful for all the ways in which we join together in ministry, and I am SO EXCITED about our time together this Advent. We’re starting a new sermon series on Sunday, JOY Story, and I hope you’ll come with us to light the Advent Wreath, sing of our faith, and begin our Stories of JOY!

Your Pastor and Friend in Christ,

Jenna Morrison