October 27, 2018: Important Life Lessons

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Jenna Morrison

When I think about some of the important life lessons I’ve learned, a couple stand out to me over time: how to do my laundry without shrinking it, which dishes can go in the dishwasher and which have to be done by hand, how to finagle a toilet to keep it running, and how to reheat Kraft macaroni to its former glory as a leftover meal for kings. While all of these things are well and good, the life lesson that changed my life the most has to do with generosity.

Every pastor’s great fear is that when she announces that it’s time to talk about generosity, everyone runs for the rafters. Money is hard to talk about! We don’t want to feel guilty about our spending habits! Why should I trust what she says anyway? The church doesn’t need my money!

Truthfully, I’ve felt that way before; talking about generosity often makes us feel vulnerable and judged. However, Jesus spent more time talking about money in the Gospels than any other topic. I believe wholeheartedly that our financial health is a strong indicator of our spiritual health. Finance is a discipleship issue! With this in mind, I hope you’ll join us on Sunday, October 28 for our first week in our generosity emphasis in worship. We will talk practical application, biblical understanding, and do our best to sift together through our journey to generosity.

In addition to our conversation on generosity, I’d like to personally invite everyone who considers Faith UMC their church home to be here on Sunday for worship and to stay for our All Church Update right after. We will have snacks to share (click here to sign up to bring something) and will spend some time in a brief meeting sharing the things we’ve learned this year in ministry together.

Like I said, if you consider Faith your church home, I hope you’ll make time to be with us on Sunday for worship and our All Church Update.

Being your pastor is my favorite thing!

Jenna Morrison

Pastor Jenna