September 20, 2018: Serving Community

PastorPastor's Blog

Jenna Morrison

I just got back to the church from the first Birthday Book Club celebration of the year at McNair Elementary — and it was so much fun! We handed out a free book to any student who had a birthday in August or September. Seeing their faces light up when they found something that interested them was such a joy!

I love having opportunities like this to serve our community. It is an incredible gift to be able to add an extra measure of love to another person’s life.

I hope that you’ll be thinking about the ways you want to get plugged in to serve our community through our church. One thing that we will be needing ASAP is help restocking our book supply for October. We can use books of any age/reading level (always!), but we especially need 3rd-5th grade books. Several students asked for Captain Underpants books, and so many of the boys wanted “action books”. Wouldn’t it be fun to swing through the book section of the store and grab a couple books for a child, and even more fun to volunteer at our next Birthday Book Club on October 18th? There is always a tub out for books, and you can reach out to Jeni Walsh at any time for more information about helping us hand out books.

It is a gift to serve with you, and to be your pastor. Hope you’ll join with me in serving our neighbors!

All the best,

Jenna Morrison

Pastor Jenna