We are GLAD you stopped by!

We designed this section of our website to be very easy for you to get to everything you need. We hope that it answers all your questions and that you will decide to come visit us this Sunday or anytime!

First things you’ll want to know…

Well, we are here to connect people to God’s love. A love that is unselfish, undeserved, but oh so real and powerful! It is truly amazing what can happen when we learn to love each other the way God intended.

Life is hard. Sometimes it just downright stinks. The husbands and wives, sons and daughters of this church know that having a Church “community” or Church “family” that they can turn to in times of need makes getting through life a LOT easier. Not only that, but when times are good, we can spend time learning to be better people, to love each other better, try and hold each other accountable and challenge each other to be the best people God intended us to be so that we might fulfill God’s purpose in our lives.



We are so glad you have decided to check out Faith. Whether you are thinking of coming on Sunday, or if someone brought you to our website, we are very excited to have you, and like any good host, we want you to feel welcome and at home. The first thing you need to know is…ask anything! You can give us a call at the office at (940) 535-2267 or you can email us here.

You can also check out some of our FAQs here…but again if you don’t see your question, please ask us! There are no dumb questions!

Guest Services

Guest Services is responsible for creating the warm, friendly atmosphere for which Faith Church is known. We are the initial points of contact to those that drive onto our campus and walk through our doors – and we strive to treat everyone as an honored guest. We are quick to offer a smile, answer questions, and extend a helping hand wherever needed. We work behind the scenes before, during, and after worship and other events and activities to establish an environment in which everyone feels welcome.

New people are often intimidated by encountering so many unfamiliar faces. Our goal is to put people at ease, initiate new friendships and help everyone feel comfortable at Faith Church.

How do I stay Informed?

In addition to signing up for our weekly newsletter below, we use Church Community Builder(CCB) to send out notifications and create group based conversations. If you are not already signed up with CCB, you can sign up here.