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A Podcast Hosted by Vince Lujan and Chad Seagle

Vince Lujan and Chad Seagle have over two decades of collective experience in ministry around the Christian church. Over that time, they have heard numerous stories of hope, suffering, joy, and the the gambit of human emotions as they have shared life with people. This podcast is a place to hear and highlight those stories. To have fun. To laugh. To cry. To celebrate. These are people who gave faith a “try” and how it has impacted their lives. 


You can find Try Faith on Apple, Spotify, and Google Podcasts,

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Click either button below to find the podcast on your preferred streaming service, or click an episode title to listen online. You don't need an account to listen to the podcast, but you must have an account with either Apple, Spotify, or Google to subscribe to the podcast.



If you are an Apple (iPhone, iPad, or Mac) user, you already have an Apple account! You can "Subscribe" to us on the Podcast app.

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