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On Sunday mornings, our worship experience is authentic and joy-filled. Our band is lively and atmosphere laid back. You'll find Faith UMC to be a place where Scripture is read and studied, the message is personal and relevant, and we celebrate each week with both modern and traditional practices.  Worship lasts about an hour. Communion is served on the first Sunday of each month. 

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After Easter, Jesus returns in the flesh to be close again to his friends and family and bring them closer with one another. There is tenderness and physicality highlighted in the resurrection narratives, people coming together to hear and respond to this amazing news. Before Jesus’ followers become the heroic saints of the church, they are simply a group of friends hearing and telling one another a story for which they cannot find the words. We share our stories in relationships close and safe so that we will be equipped to boldly share the story of Jesus in the world.

Relationships and our true connections

9am -- Outside

10:30am -- Inside

**Mask required at all Faith UMC events

Live Streamed through Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TryFaithUMC/live/ or our website https://www.tryfaith.org/online

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