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Celebrate Easter!


It’s finally here! My favorite Sunday of the year: Easter! I love this day for the celebration that it always brings. I love this day for the excitement and energy in worship. I am so not a morning person, but I gladly get up early on Easter for the Sunrise Service because it’s just that good! I love this day for the promise of Resurrection, and for the hope it offers for the future.

You see, we believe that resurrection is something that Jesus experienced that first Easter morning. We also believe that resurrection is possible in our here and now. Every new start, new dream, new hope, is a resurrection! Some years the new beginning feels so real to me! Resurrection seems so much a part of life: do-overs and healthy relationships and chances to try new things. Some years though, resurrection seems so far from possible. In fact, some years, Holy Week just seems like a long period of waiting that feels like it will never end. The grief is too heavy, the pain is too real, there is no cure…the weight of waiting is big and all-consuming.

The best promise of Easter, however, is the promise that even though today might not feel bright and new, the hard things of today do not and will not have the last word. There is new life ahead!

I cannot wait to celebrate with you this weekend. Whether or not you feel like Easter is possible in your own life, I hope you’ll take time to be with us and be reminded of God’s faithfulness and presence.

See you soon! Jenna


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