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Creating Time

The hustle and bustle of spring is now officially underway! In my own life, the chaos is…real. I don’t know who thought it was a good idea to schedule her wedding the weekend after Easter, but here we are…the end is in sight, but there is so much to be done before then!

I spend a lot of time figuring out what I can intentionally not do to make time for other things (dishes? Please tell me it’s the dishes). In fact, I know that being in worship is often one of the things that can be pushed aside to make time for other things. I totally get it. My prayer this week though, is that you make worship a priority for you and your family. Holy Week starts this Sunday with Palm Sunday (and our Easter Egg hunt!), and continues with services on Thursday and Friday nights before Easter on 4/21.

The temptation is always to let Holy Week services been an addition to your weekly routine. I hope, however, that you can let them be a part of your routine—engaging in acts of worship both at the church and everyone else you go! Weekly worship really has an effect on my own life; if I miss it, things feel off. Engaging at the church every week can change your life too, and help you get more closely aligned with God’s dreams for you and the world. 

I love being your pastor and friend. I want desperately for you to encounter the love of Christ this Easter season. Won’t you join me in worship?

All the best, Jenna


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