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This has been one of those weeks. Looong to-do lists, overscheduling, and lots of leftovers. You know, one of those weeks.

As I reflect back, it wasn’t all that bad; I accomplished a lot, made time for friends, and managed to get all  the laundry done and put away for one whole day! It wasn’t all bad.

Yet, there were also many moments when I didn’t get it all right; a quick snap in response to an earnest question, dishes in the sink for longer than was merited, running late to basically everything ever.

Weeks like this, when the good and bad don’t outweigh each other but I wish that I had done a good chunk of life better, I take solace knowing that the beginning of each day brings one of the best gifts ever: do-overs.

We get the chance to get it right, over and over again! Sure, it might drive our friends and family nuts that we keep missing the mark, but Scripture and our faith teaches us that in God’s eyes we can have as many do-overs as we need.

I hope you’ll come join us in worship on Sunday morning at 10:30a for the start of our new sermon series: Do Overs. We will spend the next few weeks looking at moments in Scripture when important people missed the mark BIG time, and were granted the opportunity and the grace to get it right the next time.

Can’t wait to be with you!

Your pastor and friend in Christ, Jenna


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