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New Beginnings : Set Goals Move Forward

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

The beginning of a new year is so exciting and so… funny! Some of us are disillusioned with resolutions gone wrong, and some of us are excited for the chance to start fresh. Gyms are packed, there are WAY less salad kits at the grocery store, and many of us are clutching our wallets, trying to recover from the holiday season.

I always try to take this time of year to refocus on ways that I can intentionally grow in my faith through prayer, reading scripture, engaging in community and relationship with all sorts of people, and reflection. It always seems so big and unattainable, but I always set out to try.

I hope that you do take time to set goals for yourself, because so often that’s how we move forward into the future with intention. I also hope and pray that no matter where life takes you, you are kind to yourself. Jesus calls us to a life full of challenges, yes. Jesus also calls us to forgive others — and ourselves — encouraging us all to be brave and bold and quick to offer do-overs for ourselves and for the people around us.

We’ll be talking some about this in worship on Sunday. I hope you’ll take the time to start off your new year with intentionally scheduling worship into your weekend. It’s good for the soul — for our faith, for our families, for our lives — and it’s good for the world when we intentionally call on the name of Jesus to go with us into the new year.

Join us!



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