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The Challenge of Change

Over the last several weeks, our church has been bracing itself for a lot of change. We’ve known that this day was coming, but now it’s officially here: Jen Rader’s last Sunday as a member of our staff is this weekend, 2/3 (but PARTY: she’ll still be around!). Jen has been the impetus for so much good work here at Faith. She has led workshop after workshop, encouraging everyone to find their spiritual gifts and lean into them. She has engaged hundreds of visitors who walk through the doors of our church, and remembered their names, teaching us all the value and importance of being seen and remembered. She has planned event after event, year after year, and set up and torn down chairs over and over again. To top it off, she has done all of this and more with a servant’s heart! I know it is not a stretch to say that many people reading this note are connected to our church home, largely because of encouragement and support from Jen. I, personally, am incredibly grateful for her sacrifice, her enthusiasm, and her love of this church. Thank you, Jen. Thank you. I have to keep reminding myself that the only constant in this world is change, even though it shouldn’t be that hard since my life seems to be constant change these days. While change is constant and often difficult, it also is good. I am so excited about the future of our church, even though at times it takes a while for that future to shake out. Know that your leadership team is working diligently to plan well, to celebrate well, and to look to the future for the plans that God has for us together. It is a privilege to serve alongside you, discerning God’s call for our church every day. If you’d like to volunteer to help us in the office or on Sunday mornings as we learn what gaps we need to be intentional about, please let me know. Now is a wonderful time to reengage or get plugged in for the first time! See you on Sunday at 9a for Happy? The study I’m teaching for the month of February, and at 10:30a for worship! Your pastor and friend in Christ, Jenna


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